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Date: 26 February 2012 - 20:55

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This was posted tonight on

Quote is closing all activities effective from the 1st of March, we are very sorry to convey such bad news and we are sorry we where not able to share this information sooner, but the leadergroup was working on some solutions up to the very end.

The last year has been turbulent for our community and the leadergroup has been working to keep going, though there has been difference in opinions on how we should go forward, we finally had to accept that is not viable any longer. At the beginning of 2011 we put all our hopes in Battlefield 3 and for this game to spawn new activity at the servers and forums, but sadly this is apparently not what happened. Due to lack of activity and interest in, we have now lost our host of the forums and portal. Practically this means we have no communications with our admins or the public in general, and we discontinue all of our services at

So this is the end of over 6 years of gaming in a Norwegian and European FPS community, created by gamers with a common interest of bringing the joy of multiplayer gaming to everyone. We hope you look back at some very memorable moments at TV2 servers and a special open community at, where everyone was welcome. was built on voluntary work done by gamers, so thanks to all of you that put your time and efforts in making what it was. It has been a remarkable 6 years by gamers - for gamers.

The webpage/community is closing down but I have not heard anything about the servers.